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Crab Cuisines

Savour Delectable Crab cuisines
3Crab offers a great variety of Crab Creations

Original * Delicious * Freshness Guaranteed!
Yummy * Creative * Delighting you always!

Crab Porridge

Forget about fish porridge. Go for Crab Porridge

Curry Crab

** Super hot favorite dish of all time - curry crab with
the best curry in town

Crab Noodle

This is a dish on its own. Noodle with crab
sauce goes well with the meaty crab. Who needs
the rice!

Black Pepper Grab

High Recommended Crab with black pepper
aroma, tasty yet not too spicy

Chilli Crab

A Must-Try Singapore dish - Crab in spicy
sweet sauce made with daily pounded spices

Crab Laksa Soup

Huge meaty crab on sweet spicy laksa soup